Depilex Physique Plus inch loss programme

This is an advanced slimming treatment giving instant and lasting inch loss. It can be used on buttocks, thighs, legs, arms, bust and any area that requires toning and improving.

What is Depilex Physique??
The Physique is the result of extensive research giving us a slimming machine capable of immediate and lasting results. Never has it been easier to achieve results such as:-

Reshaping and toning the body

Losing inches from exactly where you want to

Achieving the shape you have always wanted

Lifting and firming sagging muscles

Giving a smoother contour

The way it works is similar to conventional toning treatments, the only difference being that the different wave form ensures that the muscles react in a different and more effective way.

  1. Muscle fibres are exercised and toned, reducing inches in the majority of clients in just one treatment.
  2. Blood circulation is encouraged and increased, which helps feed and nourish muscle and skin tissues
  3. Mobilisation and use of fatty acids encourages weight reduction when combined with a suitable calorie controlled diet.
  4. Cellulite and water retention is improved by an increase in the lymphatic flow draining away the waste tissue fluids.

The results will be maintained indefinitely if a course of 10 treatments is carried out and regular exercise and sensible diet are followed. If you do not partake in any form of exercise or you neglect your diet, then over a period of time, your muscles will become slack and excess fat will build up.

Treatment time: 15-25 minutes
Cost per treatment: £28
Course of 10: £250